BOBBE GREEN was born in the Bronx, NY and studied radio, journalism, and theater at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Although he majored in Mass Communications, he ultimately pursued a career in music and while living in Boston, he worked as a "roadie" with local artists such as: New Edition, Jozun Crew, Planet Patrol, Hypertension and the Energetics. However, Bobbe watched and learned from these seasoned artists, so he could prefect in own style. In 1987, Bobbe (formerly known as King Richard) released the single "Thrill Me" under Jackie Jack Records, which he produced and arranged with friend Mike Mandell - a Jazz musician who worked with some top musicians in the industry and major television networks, arranging theme songs for sport programs. While with Jackie Jack, Bobbe worked with fellow artists including: Judy Torres, Trilogy, Jazzy Jay, and producers Mickey Garcia (Profile and Micmac Records) and Al Pizzaro. While on tour, Bobbe met Derithia Collins and in 1988, they married, had two children, and subsequently moved to Portsmouth VA to care for his mother-in-law. But Bobbe's passion for music never diminished and in 2002, he joined Bigga Figgaz Entertainment (Norfolk VA) as a producer/songwriter, recording several tracks for other labels. But while working with Bigga Figgaz,  Bobbe decided to finish college and in 2010, he graduated with a BA in Sociology and three years later, a MA in Urban Affairs from Norfolk State University. Nevertheless, Bobbe's passion for music accentuated - continuing to expand his musical talents and experiences. So in 2014, he joined the Vince Barbour Quartet and sang straight ahead jazz, smooth jazz, and R&B. Bobbe enjoyed performing in front of a live audiences, feeding off their energy and emotion - their energy became his energy. The following year, Bobbe signed with Inergy Recordings, headed by Dylan Patrick Smith (a Dance Music and Alternative Rock producer/engineer) and released two dance singles entitled " All I Do" and "Miles and Miles"  Then in 2016,  Bobbe and Dylan produced a CD album entitled: "Shades of Green" including a gamut of genres such as: NeoSoul, R&B, Smooth Jazz, R&B/Hip-Hip, and Dance Music. Bobbe's primary intention was to give audiences a variety of music without redundancy. He wanted more out of his music besides singing about romance , self-interest, and betrayal in relationships. Then one night, while he was sleeping, a melody and chorus emerged in a dream. Usually, most people forget their dreams, so Bobbe recorded the melody and chorus on his cell phone. Subsequently, Bobbe, Brian Eubanks, and David Booker arranged the song and on June 8, 2018, "Faith" was recorded at Soul haven studios, in Virginia Beach VA, and released March 31, 2019, on Bobbe's label: Myriah Recordings- named after  his  deceased Grandmother, Myriah Tucker King. 

Currently, Bobbe just released his 2nd CD album: "Alive and Kickin." Also, he's planning to return to studio and produce a track entitled "Street Fun" - a song that reminisces about childhood street games and interaction before social media and video games permeated modern day society.  Ultimately, Bobbe would like write and produce for other labels and artists in the music industry; as well as, receiving the respect and notoriety from his colleagues and fans , in the United States, and all over the world. 

"You gotta have "Faith" you can reach the sky!"