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Between 2015 and 2019, Myriah and Inergy Recordings posted several videos, on YouTube, featuring Bobbe Green, Brian Pinner, Mike Minnx, Brian Eubanks, Vince and Chad Barbour and Dylan Patrick Smith. These songs were written and produced by Bobbe, with the exception of 999-Love which was produced by Bobbe and the Vince Barbour Quartet. Currently, Bobbe released his new, hot single "Survival" (produced by Georgie Porgie). Bobbe's latest release "Same Way Again" mixes Jazz, Funk, and R&B to create a smooth groove and awesome vocals. Bobbe's next projects "I Can't Tell You Why" covers the Eagles classic with a touch of Rock and R&B, "Falling in Love Again"(Hamilton, Frank, and Reynolds), and "Feelings" (Morris Albert). Since 2022, Bobbe has performed at various clubs in the Hampton Roads area such as, Tropical Delights and Boil Bay Seafoods, in Norfolk. 
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